Venom 2018 first tailer released

Who loves Spiderman? Yes, I do and guess who made the first appearance today ? Today VENOM the movie released its first trailer. Tom Hardy is doing the role of Eddie Brock or may I say he is the Venom.

I have watched the trailer, and I bet you have watched it too. Before I start discussing the movie trialer, let me first talk a little about Venom itself. Venom is an alien known as Symbiote. He got his liquid-like form and needed a host (normally a human) to attached to for its survival. The symbiote is very powerful, and after attaching itself to the human host he starts to take over the human body, and the host feels like there is another person living inside his body. In all this the dual lifestyle that human starts to represent is called Venom.

Venom is a fictional anti-hero character from Marvel studio and usually connected to the Spiderman Universe. Now, you know everything about Venom so let’s get into the trailer discussion.

Trailer Discussion

So, Eddie Brock is still playing as a Journalist in the Venom Movie. He is a good journalist who always tries to bring out the truth, and her girlfriend works for a firm who are doing experimental tests of Symbiote. Someone form tipped Eddie about the experiment, and so he went to the lab facility for investigation. He got bit by a human test subject, and that’s how Symbiote enters into his body.

Soon we get to see the change in personality of Eddie and all. Symbiote talking from the inside feels like someone is talking to his inner demons. After that, all we see is just the action which looks dope.

Eddie is riding a motorbike which I personally like, it gives more strength to his character.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, go and watch right now, it is dope.

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