List of Specifications For Lenovo g50-45

List of Specifications For Lenovo g50-45

Lenovo g50-45 laptop is affordable for anyone. However, the laptop is versatile as well as slimline design. It has many features in it. As all, you are aware that Lenovo is a famous company. The company designs Laptops, tablets, and also smartphones. Many people buy the devices which are from this company.

About Lenovo

Lenovo is a company from china. The original name is Lenovo group limited is modified and shortened to “Lenovo”.  However, the company designs, manufactures, develops and sells products. Moreover, the products obtained from the company are personal computers, servers, smartphones, supercomputers, and electronic storage devices.Lenovo products

Also, the company was found on 1 November 1984. It is a large Multi-National Company. It serves the worldwide area. However, the headquarters are in the US, Singapore, and china.

Specifications of Lenovo g50-45

The specifications of Lenovo g50-45 are given below:

  • However, the dimensions of the device are width – 384 mm, height- 265 mm, and Diameter – 25.0 mm.
  • Also, the weight is around 2 to 2.5 kilograms.
  • The operating system is said to be windows 8 and 10 and the type is 64- bit.
  • Moreover, the display size is 15.6 inches or 39.6 cm.
  • Its resolution is 1366 x 768 Pixels along with an LED display.lenovo laptop
  • The pixel density is 100ppi.
  • Also, Processor used in this device is AMD Quad-Core A8-6410.
  • The graphic processor used here is AMD Radeon R5 M330.
  • A memory of the graphics is 2 GB.
  • Also, the clock speed is said to be 2.4 GHz.
  • The memory capacity is 4 GB and the RAM speed is 1600 Mhz.
  • However, the memory can expandable up to 16GB.
  • The memory layout is 2 x 4 Gigabyte.
  • Also, memory slots are 2 DIMM and the memory layout is 2x 4 Gigabyte.
  • It has an Sd card Reader, a Headphone Jack, Bluetooth, Webcam and a microphone jack on it.
  • Lithium-ion battery along with 4 cell battery which lasts for 4 hours is present in the device.
  • Moreover, it records video in 720 pixels, it has Bluetooth, a DVD drive, HD audio, stereo speakers.
  • The pack consists of a laptop, Ac, adapter, and user guide. Also, a warranty is given.
  • Also, the price is around 20,000 INR to 32,000 INR.
  • These are the main specifications which you can see in this electronic device.

Features of Lenovo g50-45

Following are the features of the device

1. Display

The device has a 15.6 HD wide display. It delivers bright and crisp visuals. Also, the wide-format is 16:9 with1366 x 768 resolution.

2. Vision and Audio

It has stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio. Also, AMD RadeonR5 M230 2GB 3D graphics are available. The G50 offers stunning, stutter-free visuals. Along with immersive sound for a fuller. It gives a more satisfying home entertainment experience.

3. Touchpad

However, it is a multitouch touchpad. It has optimized Windows features. The touchpad allows you to toggle charms and apps. You can switch between apps, rotate, zoom, and also you can swipe.

4. Keyboard

The type of keyboard used is the Accutype keyboard n with island-style. It gives an accurate, spacious, and comfortable typing experience to the user. The keys are ergonomic keys that allow more fluid in them. It gives a modern look and feels to the user while using.

5. Battery

You can save battery using battery-saving technology. Energy Management protects the long-term durability of the battery. It uses advanced energy-saving technology to increase the time spent between charges.

6. Data Transfer

You can move data from this device to other quickly with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. It is up to ten times faster than past USB technologies. Also, the backward-compatible.

7. Webcam

This device is equipped with a 720p HD webcam. It will help you to enjoy web conferences or online video chats. It will be like you are really there.

8. Maintenance

The device has simple maintenance. It has one key recovery option. Using this the device can recover from viruses or other technical difficulties in a snap.

9. Connectivity

It has 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity, 10/100 LAN, and Bluetooth. By using this you will be able to connect to the internet without any effort wherever you go.

10. HDMI Output

By using this you can simply connect to a television or other display.

11. Storage

The device has up to 1TB HDD storage. You need not worry about where to put all your data. You can store videos, music or photos, and more on this device.

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Here is the list of specifications of the Lenovo g50-45 is given. Moreover, information about Lenovo company is mentioned here. The device features are also given clearly. One can read and can afford the Lenovo g50-45 laptop easily.

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