Samsung Announced 8nm LPP Process That Might Be Used In Snapdragon 845 And Exynos 8900 !

Forget 10nm Process Technology in SOCs. Samsung just announced their 8nm LPP Process that will have significantly reduced form factor while pushing the performance levels to a new hight. Also, Samsung is ready right now to push this technology into production.


Samsung Announced 8nm LPP Process That Might Be Used In Snapdragon 845 And Exynos 8900


Well, what we were expecting though was 7nm Process but that was expected to be ready around the end of 2018. So, getting the 8nm Process technology was definitely an unexpected surprise. If you remember, last time with the Snapdragon 835 & Exynos 8895, the 10nm Process Technology helped to shrink the SOC size while delivering much better performance & power efficiency over their predecessors. The new SOCs with 8nm Process Technology will hopefully deliver similar advantages over their 10nm Predecessors.

Being ready for production, we’re expecting this 8nm LPP Process Technology to be used in the upcoming Snapdragon 845 & the Exynos 8900. This expectation saw some ray of light as the Senior Vice President of Qualcomm said,

“8LPP will have a fast ramp since it uses proven 10nm process technology while providing better performance and scalability than current 10nm-based products” 

So, now the biggest question is that can Samsung & Qualcomm achive the level of performance that Apple has recently done with the A11 Bionic Chip. But, until we see real time use case scenarios for the 8nm SOCs, it’ll remain a question. Also, we’re expecting some improved Machine Learning Capabilities from this upgraded implementation. So, let’s see what Samsung & Qualcomm has in stock for us with their next gen SOCs.




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