Qualcomm Announced Snapdragon 700 Series

Qualcomm Announced Snapdragon 700 Series

While we were all expecting a huge bump in performance with some new Snapdragon 600 series CPUs, Qualcomm gave us a surprise by bringing the successor to the 600 series directly. So, we are talking about the Snapdragon 700 series which just got announced & we’re expecting a few devices powered by the SOCs of this generation in the MWC 2018.

Qualcomm Announced Snapdragon 700 Series

According to the blog post of Qualcomm, the key features that the Snapdragon 700 series improves on are, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Camera, Performance, Battery Life & Connectivity.

The 700 series shall be capable of bringing around 30% improvements over the Snapdragon 660 in terms CPU performance & the CPUs will have Kryo based cores. The AI capabilities are also expected to be 2 times more compared to the 660 & it uses the exact same CPU+GPU+DSP approach to execute AI like the Snapdragon 845.

In the Camera department, the SOCs shall be capable of delivering good results in all kind of scenarios like Low-light photos, improved Slow-motion Videos etc. However, there is also AI capabilities to make the experience even better.

The 700 series SOC will also come with Faster LTE speeds compared to the 600 series, Bluetooth 5 & Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ which shall be able to provide 50% juice in 15 minutes for a 2750 mAh Battery.

As I mentioned earlier some of the Snapdragon 700 series SOC powered devices shall arrive in the MWC 2018 so, we have to see which OEMs are actually bringing the first batch of devices for this series.

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