Best laptops for video editing in 2020

Best laptops for video editing in 2020

There are lots of laptops there. But all doesn’t provide you the best video editing experience. So I go and found the 10 Best laptops for video editing in 2020.

These laptops are also good for a smooth gaming experience. But you can able to play games at 4K resolution.

Which is the best laptop for video editing?

The laptop that doesn’t cost much and best for video editing. Which means it should have minimum I7 or R7 processor. But the graphics card can be Gtx 1660ti minimum. The best laptop for gaming much gives a smooth gaming experience at 1080 to 2K high settings. But it doesn’t mean that it will cost under $1500-2000. It will go far away from it.

Top 5 Best Laptops for video editing in 2020

In the list, the top 5 best laptops are taken which also offers smooth gaming also at 2k resolution. In these laptops, you will price under $5000 with A processor more than I7 9 generation and graphics card more than Gtx 1660ti.

1. Apple MacBook Pro (16 inches): best laptop for video editing

This is the best laptops for video editing in 2020 under that budget of $2500. As this laptop is powered by apple there will be no problem with the performance. It has an amazing Intel core I9 9 gen CPU which gives the best performance. But the main problem is that it has Has AMD Radeon Pro 5500M Which supports less gaming performance as compared to Nvidia graphics card. But it is still the best laptop for video editing. And in the list of 5 best laptops for editors under a budget and nowadays we are using Android smartphones.

Best laptops for video editing in 2020

2. Asus Rog Zephyrus M GU502GU-ES003T 15.6 INCHES

Best laptops for video editing in 2020

rog Zephyrus m gu502 and check it out the sticker inside says Intel Core i7 9th gen. According to Asus, the new Zephyrus is 25% thinner and 45% lighter than typical 15-inch laptops now. In my experience, I felt the laptop was about the same size and weight as any other 15.6-inch model.

But it weighed surprisingly less for a gaming laptop picking up the laptop with one hand and moving from one bedroom to another was unexpectedly easy. Affair the brushed metallic lid offered sufficient grip as well the top cover which despite displaying some signs of flex. It has ruggedly built and hard-wearing the area around the keyboard. Uses a soft-touch paint that’s similar to the material Dell uses and some of its g-series gaming laptops the effect it creates is pleasing the palm rest is comfortable not for many hours of keyboard use in the hands.

Looks of laptop

The laptop looks understated yet bold it doesn’t scream out loud with bright colors and lights. But it doesn’t look lost in a collection of mainstream laptops either the biggest visual change isn’t the design of the base panel with the laptop not employing a Seuss’s active aerodynamic system.

The base panel remains fixed, unlike previous models in which the base panel opened up along with the display. Hinge to provide an additional stream of cool air all things considered. The Zephyrus M is probably the most mature laptop of its kind yet and that’s not a bad thing at all.

3. ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DV-AL136T

This laptop comes with one combo audio jack where you can universally connect both microphone and headphone. This comes with One X type a USB 2.0 and to type a USB 3.0 gen. One which is really disappointing because most of the laptops and Devane’s have 10. There is one rj45 LAN jack for land insert and 1x HDMI HDMI support 2.0. On the other side, we have only events so here we are with the technical specification of his laptop this laptop has aimed the newly launched third-generation Rison 737 58 at 2.4 gigahertz.

Specification of Asus TUF Gaming

Having a full course and eight rest for M we have 16 GB 18 do – who is a total of 16 GB which is a dual-channel at 2.4 gigahertz ddr4 and is finally expandable up to 32 GB. This is a limiting factor because the laptop has two slots we have to either take out the other end GB from the existing slot and replaced with 16gb with a total out 32gb for GPU.

It has Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 at 60 being 0f which is really impressive this laptop comes with 15.6 inches 1080p IPS 120 hurt and the glare displays. It has SSD 512 GB Gentium daughter to this laptop does not come with the hard drive. But it is really a limiting factor for their stories because this laptop has only 512 GB.

This is not enough for our storage needs so you have to either buy an external hard drive for your need all you have to just stay with this. For audio, we have Dolby DTS 2 watt speakers battery we have 3 cells for the 8 watts 5.3 our 1080p video playback. This laptop weighs 2 points 2 kgs to do point 3 kgs so here we are for the gaming benchmark is good.

ASUS TUF Gaming gives your better user-experience with its classy and anti-glare display. If you are a website designer, you get a totally amazing view of a developer console in Google chrome and Mozilla firefox. It helps you to code easily with the large and enhanced display.

4. ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-BQ002T 15.6-inch FHD

now the non-square corners of the new x360 lineup might be a little bit polarizing but for my part at least on the 13-inch anyway. I actually kind of like it’s unique and I mean honestly the look of this thing overall is decidedly premium like it’s almost screaming for that first big.

Nice so far so good and on the left is the power button. Where we actually encounter the first problem at least with the 15-inch version with the power cable plugged in and pointing backward. You know where it would normally go you actually can’t easily reach the power button like it’s not impossible. HP’s rationale is that it allows you easy access to the power button in either laptop or tablet mode.

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Specification of laptop

But they also could have placed it literally anywhere else along this edge. It also would have been accessible and avoided the power cable issue. Fortunately what helps make up for this is the decent i/o on both models they managed to squeeze a full-sized. USB type-a onto the 13-inch along with type-c Thunderbolt 3 micro SD and a headphone jack. And the 15 inch even gets a full-size HDMI port on top of all of that and I mean just you know. What I actually love is the style of these things they managed to look really slim and sleek

5. HP 15 cs3008tx 2020

This is the last laptop of the list of  Best laptops for video editing in 2020. HP Pavilion series again so this is an eye for i7 10 to generation. Which are 15 series cs3 thousand three double-zero 8 TX and inbuilt i7 10 generation which is a new generation? Which is the latest now and this comes with 1.3 gigahertz basic frequency and boost up to 3.9 gigahertz with the turbo booster technology? And this comes with 8 MB of cache memory with a 4-course.

Specification of the laptopHP 15 cs3008tx 2020

Here you have an 8gb of ddr4 which is a Ram inbuilt in this and again you have a 15.6 full HD screen with a Stiegler and IPS display here you have an Nvidia 4gb of graphics guys which are ddr5 dedicated graphics guys which are an NVidia GeForce MX 250 series comes with a hard disk of 1tb and 256 GB of SSD which is nvm e series which is m.2.

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