Intel Will Release Their 10nm Processors Before 2017 Ends !

Intel Will Release Their 10nm Processors Before 2017 Ends

Intel has made a nice comeback with their 8th Gen Core Processors that have a significant performance boost over the 7th Gen Processors. But, one thing that was kept unchanged at least till now is the Process Technology of the chips. Both the 7th Gen & the 8th Gen CPUs released till now were build on the 14nm Process Technology. But, we have told you previously that the 10nm CPUs are on their way. But, we were not sure exactly when they’ll be announced. Now, the reports suggest that they will be announced & start shipping before 2017 ends.

During the Q3 2017 Earnings Revealing Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that, the 10nm CPUs will debut before 2017 ends but, the overall quantity will be very less. This was revealed just to ensure the shareholders that 10nm is coming. We think that Intel’s 10nm CPUs will take some time to be available in a large scale. Maybe we have to wait until the end of Q1 or even Q2 of 2018.  Anyway, these CPUs will deliver improved performance & energy efficiency compared to the current gen 14nm CPUs.

We are not sure if Intel will bring this technology with the Intel 8th Gen Laptop CPUs (H-series) or the next Xeon series at their debut, but, within two more months we’ll have all the information that we want to know.





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