Intel Released A 17-qubit Superconducting Chip For Quantum Computing

Intel Released A 17-qubit Superconducting Chip For Quantum Computing

Intel has just released a new 17-qubit superconducting chip for Quantum Computing. It was actually issued for their research partner QuTech who are working together with Intel in the Quantum space. This new chip is a definitely a significant gain for the field of Material Science.


Intel Released A 17-qubit Superconducting Chip For Quantum Computing


The mind striking fact about this chip is that, it can survive at a temperature around  20 millikelvin (about -273.13° Celsius) that is 250 times colder than the deeper space. So, that’s really a huge gain for the Quantum Industry.

This chip is about the size of a half-dollar coin it brings some significant improvements to the board. According to Intel these are,

  • New architecture allowing improved reliability, thermal performance and reduced radio frequency (RF) interference between qubits.
  • A scalable interconnect scheme that allows for 10 to 100 times more signals into and out of the chip as compared to wirebonded chips.
  • Advanced processes, materials and designs that enable Intel’s packaging to scale for quantum integrated circuits, which are much larger than conventional silicon chips.


Intel Released A 17-qubit Superconducting Chip For Quantum Computing


With this new technology from Intel, it shows that they’re reaching new hights in the field of Quantum Computing & it also indicates to the fact that the future of technology will look dramatically different compared to what we have today. In their press release Intel mentioned,

“Our quantum research has progressed to the point where our partner QuTech is simulating quantum algorithm workloads, and Intel is fabricating new qubit test chips on a regular basis in our leading-edge manufacturing facilities,” said Dr. Michael Mayberry, corporate vice president and managing director of Intel Labs. “Intel’s expertise in fabrication, control electronics and architecture sets us apart and will serve us well as we venture into new computing paradigms, from neuromorphic to quantum computing.”

Though, this isn’t the only qubit type Intel is investigating on. There is another type of qubits known as the Spin Qubits in silocon that Intel is working on, alongside these new Superconducting Qubits. The Spin Qubits in many ways are similar to conventional transistors that resemble a single electron transistor if you’re curious.

So, Intel is really pushing their capabilities into the Quantum industry & the future of the fields where Quantum Computing is being utilized, look really bright at this point. So, maybe we’re moving to the ultimate edge but, don’t worry that edge will keep expending as we move closer and the progress & innovation will keep moving forward.


Source: Intel


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