How to Open Console on Chromebook – Ultimate Guide

How to Open Console on Chromebook – Ultimate Guide

How to Open Console on Chromebook

If you are wondering about if Console is available on Chromebook and looking for ways to open it, this post is the right one for you.

Command Prompt, also known as command console comes as an assimilated program on many operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is this prompt that allows users to provide commands to a command-line interpreter and get the instructions run by the computer system. We can define Command Line as a text-based user interface that displays a blank line and cursor on the screen, while allowing the user to directly inculcate the computer on what to do by typing in instructions that are immediately executed. Command lines supported by all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a tool that programmers and power users can engage with to perform all kinds of file management operations directly.

The use of Command Line is often more efficient than Graphical User Interface (GUI) operations. This is an instruction interpreter or processor that uses a command-line interface to receive instructions from a user in the form of lines of text. This offers a way of setting parameters for the environment, invoking executables, and providing information to them as to what actions they are to perform.

While the Command Line might be overwhelming for the average computer user, Geeks and IT professionals love it as it allows them to do many administrative tasks with ease. After typing the command you want to give the computer, you only need to hit the Enter key and the system will execute the given instruction effortlessly. Easy and straightforward.

While Command Prompt is seen on major operating systems out there, it takes a different form depending on the operating system. And the fact that it is different on devices running Chrome OS, users often think that it is not accessible on Chromebook and other devices running the OS.

Well, brace it. Like on other OS, the command prompt does exist on a Chromebook. The difference though is that it exists as an in-app program and not separate as seen on different OS. What is more, getting to it here is even easier than on Windows and others.

Command Prompt – Chrome Shell (crosh)

Comes with the Chromebook is the Google Chrome browser which has integrated within it; the command prompt. This is how it is different from other operating systems. The command prompt is accessible through the Chrome browser. Now you might be wondering how you can get into this. It is very easy. You can do this by issuing commands via the cross shell. Think of shell as the command prompt on Windows operating system. So it is an interface that enables users to enter commands, run applications, and so on.

Accessing the crosh shell

To get started, simply press Ctrl + Alt + T, and the command prompt, also known as the shell will open up on a separate tab on the Google Chrome browser. As this successfully opens up, then type “shell” without the quotes to get to the root Linux shell from within your Chrome Browser.

Now before you start using the shell itself, you advised to be quite knowledgeable on what you are doing as going haywire might end up breaking the Chromebook OS. So, be sure to know what you are doing or simply use a verifiable guide on the internet to run your stuff. Here is a Chromium operating system documentation that is beginner-friendly. You should be able to run things here without an issue. Do check it out to avoid breaking the boundaries that meant to make things work appropriately on your Chromebook.

The crosh Help command

You might be wondering why you would want to use the command prompt or crosh shell on your Chromebook.  Well, if you are just curious and want to poke around on your Chromebook device, there are various commands you can run to check on things.  There is the basic help segment, and there exists as well the advanced help section. In the basic help portion of crosh, you can use the ping command or the top command.

Crosh help

You can easily see the available basic cross-shell commands for ChromeBook by typing the “help” command without the quotes. This will list up several commands that you may need to do some basic tasks. The “top” command shows you the system information and all the processes that are running during the current session.

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When you are in need of more advanced stuff, use the help_advanced command. This will bring more sophisticated ones you won’t find on the basic help page. With the help_advanced, you found a command that enables you to see what the connectivity status of your Chromebook is and work on getting things back up and running.

Crosh’s usefulness goes beyond developer and debugger mode. You can leverage this tool to get Chromebook status updates among others. One of these various commands you can use on the Crosh command prompt. They used to get the battery information of the Chromebook. With it, you can ensure that the battery’s firmware is up to date and trigger an update from crosh if you wish. Furthermore, you could also test the battery to make sure that it is not having any health issues and that it is working properly.

There are some useful debugging commands such as the ones listed above but most crosh commands are intended mostly for developers but can be useful to Chromebook power users as well.

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Crosh command examples

The crosh commands are generally pretty intuitive. Here some examples to get you started but be sure to run help and help_advanced.

  • Help: As we have earlier learned, You can get help by issuing this command via crosh.
  • help_advanced: This gives yuou access to advance command help page. You can need this especially if you are pro computer user.
  • Connectivity: Wondering how you can show your connectivity status when you are having local network or internet connectivity issues? Well, this got your back.
  • battery_test <numberofseconds: – And you can get the battery discharge rate for a number of seconds you specify when you use this command. Take for instance, you can set the command to test the battery for 600 seconds by typing battery_test 600
  • memory_test: This command allows you to test memory use and health on your Chromebook.
  • Top: This command shows you what Chrome extensions, plug-ins, tabs, and so on are using the system resources.
  • Ping: This is the standard ping command that you can leverage for network troubleshooting.
  • Sound: This is self-explanatory. The command records audio using your Chromebook’s microphone then plays the sound back for you and you can save the audio as a file. You can use this to test your microphone during audio troubleshooting.
  • Ssh: Need to integrate ssh into your web server or something? That can be done from Chromebook with the help of the ssh command.

Departing Thoughts

So that is it. This article shields the basics the overview of the Chromebook’s crosh command prompt. And the commands that used to perform basic tasks and do run information checking. As a Chromebook user, you may want to find out the basics and learn how to use the Chromebooks command shell. Sometimes, it is just about the curiosity or just because, well, why can’t you! On the other hand, building a profound understanding of the device and tech that you use on a daily basis probably would not be a bad thing. Just ensure you do not get reckless with it as the other more advanced commands should utilized by those who are very knowledgeable about what they are doing or as intended by developers.

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