How to make a Brochure on Google Docs

How to make a Brochure on Google Docs

How to make a Brochure on Google Docs

If you are looking for a way to create a Brochure in Google Docs, here is a guide on how to make it in the said program. Brochures are used in important business exercises nowadays. And we can understand its importance by understanding how products are advertised in the business world. In fact, in a standard organization, any product that is about to be launched into the market comes with appropriate advertisements with it.

Several techniques have been developed to enhance product launches in recent times. These techniques have been shaped over a period of time, thereby adopting modern methods and dynamics. From these various techniques, brochures are considered an integral part of an idea or product advertisement. Alongside brochures, Google Docs is another web-based program that makes work easy in professional environments, finding its usage across various fields of work.

In this article, we provide you with a contemporary method of utilizing these two, thereby looking at how to make a brochure on Google Docs and has it presented across the market to the target audience for alluring them towards the product.

What is a Brochure?

Think of a Brochure as a type of magazine that provides information on a certain product or service. It is a mixture of images and textual content that gives an overview of a product or service. It is basically used to advertise products by enhancing its ability to reach out to a larger audience and allowing customers to know more about the services in question.

Is a brochure the same as a leaflet or pamphlet?

A leaflet is ideally a single sheet of A6 paper that is used in promoting small or mid-scale businesses. It is a little more presentable than a flyer but is not nearly as attractive as a brochure.

A brochure also known as a pamphlet, on other hand, is a collection of pages, which is created primarily to give prospective buyers and investors as much crucial information as possible about the vision of the company and that of the concerned products. Comparing the two, a brochure is a lot tougher to create as it is a pretty more advanced technique of business and product advertisement.

And Google Docs?

Google Docs, created, opened, and managed by Google has a lot of built-in tools to help users create the perfect word documents for various professional uses. It has been in existence since 2006 and has since expanded into various business territories and it can now do a lot more. With Google Docs, you can create articles, journals, research papers, school projects, letters, resumes, and a lot more. How can it be leveraged to create great brochures? You are here to find out, aren’t you?!

Can you make a Brochure on Google Docs?

Without a doubt, though there will be a limited set of customizations to access, you can create brochures in Google Docs. Google Docs can be the ideal tool when you only need to create initial drafts that can then be forwarded to designers that will edit things and add professional touches of c customization to the brochure.

On the other hand, the moment your need aims to solely use Docs to create brochures, you would have to make a few compromises. Regardless of which one is the case, the purpose of this article is to help you along with the process as it will provide you with some nifty tricks to get the brochure that you had envisioned.

And then to the center of attention. How to make a Brochure in Google Docs

Now straight to why you are here. You are most likely looking to create Brochures in Docs, and this tutorial will help you. We are going to walk through two different methods of creating Brochures in Google Docs with each providing step-by-step procedures to achieve the respected results. Hence, eliminating further ado, we will get started with the brochure-making process in Google Docs.

Here are the two methods that we are going to look into:

  • How to create a Two-Page Brochure using a Brochure Template.
  • How to manually create a brochure in Google Docs from Scratch.
  • How to create a Two-Page Brochure using a Brochure Template

One of the popular ways of creating Brochures in Google Docs is using pre-designed templates. This makes it easier to work in this environment as the ready-made designs already took care of the basic important works on the Brochure. You would only need to improve things a little more. To create a two-page brochure using an existing template, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  • Login to your Gmail account on a browser to access Google apps.
  • Now open Google Docs from the Google suite of web-based apps.
  • Click on Blank.
  • Then locate File among the top menu items and click on it.
  • Select New, then choose From Template gallery option.
  • Browse the various available templates and select one that fits your need and preferences.
  • Customize the brochure as per your requirements.
  • Finally, save the brochure document or directly print it.

Below is a detailed explanation of creating a two-page Brochure from a Brochure template on Google Docs.

Start by opening Google Docs in your web browser after having signed into your Gmail account. Then open an existing document or create a new blank document using the steps given earlier. Now, go to the File menu on the top bar, click on the New option and select the From Template gallery option. This will take you to the template gallery page.

As the Template gallery screen appear, manually search for a Brochure template that works in line with your need. You will most likely find a good one under the Work category. Select it to open and edit the content to give it your Brochure look. Take your time to customize the selected template as per your requirement. You can replace the existing content or add more to it. This includes the images and textual content, text font family and sizes, appearance, colors, and a lot more. Operation Did Not Complete Successfully Error Message on Windows 10

Once you are through with the editing and you are satisfied with the result, you can download the final brochure presented in various formats such as DOCX, PDF, RTF, ODT, EPUB, and many others. Also, you can choose to publish the brochure on the web or print it out.

How to manually create a brochure in Google Docs from Scratch

While using the existing templates will save you some time, it may not provide enough flexibility and customization as you need. When this is the case, you can manually create the brochure in Google Docs from scratch. The steps involved are straightforward and are highlighted below.

  • Launch Google Docs on your web browser and create a blank document.
  • Configure the page setup options in relation to a brochure.
  • For the front cover, add a table and set up the table layout.
  • And for the inside page, add a new page with the same table size and layout.
  • Now take your time to create the content for your Brochure by adding the necessary items such as images, icons, text, etc.
  • Then hide the Table Outline.
  • Finally, save the brochure document or print the tri-fold brochure on a duplex printer.

Now, in a detailed sense, start by opening Google Docs and creating a blank document. Then move on to set up the page configurations as per your brochure’s specifications. In order to do that, go to the File menu and click on the Page Setup option. Now select the page orientation to Landscape and set up the margins accordingly.

Next, you need to add a table to design your brochure. You can also add a custom size table based on the kind of brochure you want to create. Here, I have added a table with three columns and one row to create a tri-fold brochure. Once the table has been added, expand the size of the row by selecting and dragging the bottom line towards the end of the page. Repeat the table addition by adding a new page with the same table size and layout as done earlier. The new table will take care of the brochure inside page.

Now that you have added a table to both front and inside pages, you can start adding your content to create your brochure. Simply add images, logos, text, drawings, dates, charts, icons, and more. Furthermore, you can align the content accordingly, change the font, format all the content, and do much more with the brochure design. You can also play with background color, text color, and font types to make your brochure look more appealing and stylish.

When you are done writing the main content in the brochure, you can hide the outline from the table to make it look like a brochure. For that, go to the Format menu and click on the Table, and from there, select Table Properties option. Set the table border width to 0pt and press the OK button from the Table Properties dialog window.

Once you are through with the customization, you can download a brochure in any of the supported formats or publish it on the web. You can as well print the brochure directly on a duplex printer with front and inside pages.


That is all it takes to create Brochures in Google Docs. Apart from using Google Docs, there are many other free solutions out there that can help you create brochures with more ease. It is also worth of note that some of these alternatives might have better templates while others might have better tools to cater to your creativity. Hopefully, you found this article helpful as you strive to create that cool brochure in Google Docs. Do let us know what you feel about this post, and check out our other articles.

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