How to Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working?

How to Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working?

Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working – The Logitech G533 comes with an in-line retractable microphone and uses the 2.4GHz spectrum to wirelessly transmit its sound, though the option to connect through USB is still available, and runs DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound (Windows-only) in games that support it.

Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working

How to Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working?

Check your Microphone Settings

To troubleshot your Logitech G533 microphone not working issue, the first step is to make sure it’s correctly configured on your PC.

  1. Click the Start button. Then, type the control panel in the search box and click Control Panel.
  2. Select Small icons from the drop-down menu next to View by. Then, click Sound.
  3. Click the Recording tab. Then, right-click on any empty area and tick Show Disabled Devices.
  4. If your Logitech G533 microphone is disabled, right-click it and click Enable.
  5. Make sure the microphone is set as the default device. If not, click it and click Set Default.
  6. Right-click your microphone and click Properties.
  7. Select the Levels tab. If the microphone is muted, click the speaker icon to unmute it.
  8. Drag the slider under Microphone to the left to maximize the volume. Then, click OK.

Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working  – Modify The Sound Settings

Modify the sound settings on your PC in such a way that your Logitech Mic has to be the default device. To do so, execute the following steps.

  1. Go To The Taskbar (Bottom-Right Corner Of Your Screen) -> Right-Click The Volume Icon -> Click Sounds.
  2. Now, A Pop-Up Window Is Displayed On Your Desktop. In That, Stay In The Playback Tab.
  3. In The Next Step, Select Your Microphone And Set It as Your Default Device.
  4. Come To The Recording Tab. Right-Click On The Empty Space And Choose The Show Disabled Devices.
  5. After That, Right-Click On Your Logitech Mic And Click The Enable Option.
  6. Again Select Your Mic -> Right-Click On It -> Choose The Set As Default Device Option.
  7. In The Next Step, Again Open The Mic Properties And Select The Levels Tab. Move The Slider To The Maximum
  8. Finally, Click The OK Button To Save The Changes.

Allow Microphone Access To All Apps

The first step to fixing Logitech G533 Mic not working is to check if the device can access all the applications on your computer. To check and modify these settings, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Press Windows + I to open the Settings window on your computer.
  2. From the list of settings, click on Privacy.
  3. A new window will open where you have to click on the Microphone in the left pane.
  4. Now, on the right pane, click on the Change button and check if the Microphone access for this device is ON.
  5. Next, slide the toggle switch under Allow all apps to access your microphone towards the right to turn it ON.
  6. Close all the open windows and check if your Logitech G533 mic is working.

Reinstall Logitech Gaming Software

Another option to fix your Logitech G533 mic not working is to uninstall and reinstall the Logitech Gaming software. This is a very easy process and can be done by the following steps:

  1. Press the Window + R on your keyboard to open the RUN box.
  2. Type “appwiz. cpl” in the text space and click on OK.
  3. A new window will open, which will display the list of programs in your system.
  4. Choose Logitech Gaming Software and then click on the Uninstall button on the top to remove it from your system.
  5. Once the application is removed, open any browser and navigate to the Logitech Support Website. You can download the latest version from here.
  6. Once the file has been downloaded, click on the file to execute it and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Check your Logitech G533 mic not working issue now; it may have been resolved.

Reinstall Audio Drivers

Uninstalling and reinstalling the sound drivers might solve this Logitech Mic Not Working problem. Many users have successfully fixed this issue by following this method.

  1. Open The Device Manager By Executing Devmgmt.Msc In The Run Box.
  2. Double-Click The Audio Inputs And Outputs -> Right-Click The Microphone -> Click Uninstall A Device Option.
  3. Go With The Yes Or Uninstall Button In The Confirmation Wizard.
  4. In The Next Step, Expand The Sound, Video, And Game Controllers.
  5. Right-Click On The Microphone Device -> Click The Uninstall Device Option.
  6. After Uninstalling, Restart The Windows PC.
  7. Windows Will Automatically Checks For The Hardware Modifications And Install The Missing Microphone Drivers.

See the Logitech Mic Not Working error is disappeared or still persists.

If it is a wireless or chargeable Logitech Mic, then check whether the battery is low. The discharged Microphone device will not work on the desktops.

That’s the reason to charge the battery, and once it is fully charged, check the headset is working or showing the same problem.

Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working  – Run The Audio Troubleshooter

As a final try, run the audio troubleshooter on your Windows 10 PC. When there are any audio issues, the Microphone and other sound devices will not correctly.

By running the sound troubleshooter, it will look after the problems and repair them automatically.

  1. Click The Windows Logo On Your Keyboard.
  2. Type Audio Troubleshooter And Click “Fix And Find Problems With Playing Sound” From The Results.
  3. Go With The Next Button To Continue With The Troubleshooting Process. You Can Finish It By Following The On-Screen Steps.

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