How To Fix Asus Aura Has Stopped Working?

How To Fix Asus Aura Has Stopped Working?

Fix Asus Aura Has Stopped Working – ASUS Aura is software that allows a user to control the RGB lighting of Asus RGB products which includes motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, and other peripherals. With this software the LED lights can be set to a user’s preference, allowing for a more personal experience.

Fix Asus Aura Has Stopped Working

What causes ASUS AURA, not to Work?

Since this application is tied to the controls on the motherboard, there are several reasons why your AURA application might not work. Some of the reasons are but are not limited to:

  • Installation files: We saw numerous reports from users that the installation files of the AURA software either got corrupt or became unusable.
  • Installation path: It seems that the installation path for the AURA software needs to be kept the default one otherwise the software fails to load.
  • AURA version: There might also be the possibility that the version of AURA software might not be compatible with your hardware.
  • Fast Startup: Fast startup helps in booting your operating system real quick but it is also known to clash with AURA.
  • Conflict from other Lighting software: It is a well-known fact that other lighting software such as the software of corsairs etc. causes issues and conflicts with ASUS AURA.
  • Strip plugged in incorrectly: The strip you are using might not be plugged in properly onto the motherboard. This will in effect not connect your LEDs and hence cause problems.

How To Fix Asus Aura Has Stopped Working?

1. Disabling Fast Startup

The Fast Startup feature in Windows is meant to reduce the boot time whenever you start your computer up again. It stores the initial configuration of your computer when it is shutting down so when it boots again, it quickly fetches the system state and boots up without consuming much time. It tries to give a feel of an ‘SSD’ when in reality you have an HDD. We will try disabling this feature and see if this does the trick.

  1. Press Windows + R and type “control panel” in the box and press Enter to open the control panel.
  2. Once in the control panel, select Large icons and click on Power Options.
  3. Once in the Power Options, click on “Choose what the power buttons do” present at the left side of the screen.
  4. Now you will see an option that requires administrative privileges named “Change Settings that are currently unavailable”. Click it.
  5. Now head to the bottom of the screen and uncheck the box which says “Turn on fast startup”. Save changes and exit.
  6. Restart your computer properly and check if you can launch AURA without any issues.

2. Reinstall ASUS Aura

If the problem is caused by corrupted installation files then reinstalling the software will fix the problem.

  • Uninstall Aura through the control panel and reboot your system.
  • Download the ASUS Aura software from here
  • Launch the executable and install the AURA application on your computer. Make sure that you do not change the default installation directory on your computer.
  • After the installation, restart your computer.

Check if the ASUS Aura not working issue still occurs.

3. Checking RGB Headers

The majority of the users reading this article would most probably be using the additional LED on their rigs. These LEDs get connected to the LED headers present on the ASUS motherboard. There are mostly two connectors that are connected to the strips (these strips include LED strips as well as RGB fan strips). If you are not connecting the RGB strips properly into the headers, you will not see any LEDs glowing and it may give an illusion that AURA is not working.

Make sure that the strips are properly connected to the headers. There is a certain way you have to connect the connectors into the headers. Also, don’t exert physical force for it may damage the headers.

4. Uninstalling other RGB Software

AURA is known to conflict with other RGB software installed on your computer which may include software from Corsair, Cooler master, etc. Since all these software uses the same primary components, there might be a race condition where each module competes for the use of an external resource.

Corsair ICUE

Press Windows + R, type “appwiz. cpl” in the dialogue box, and press Enter. Once in the application manager, right-click on any additional lighting software installed on your computer and uninstall it. Restart your computer after performing these actions and check if the issue is resolved.

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