How To Charge Laptop With USB

How To Charge Laptop With USB

How To Charge Laptop With USB

You may be wondering why you would ever need to charge your laptop using a USB. Since most laptops usually come with a dedicated charger with a charging port slightly or hugely different from USB ports. However, if you are a high-end user of gadgets and one that travels places for one reason or another. Then you could understand how helpful knowing how to charge your laptop with a USB can be.

Think about a situation where you are headed out of town for a work meeting or something as casual as catching up with old schoolmates. It can even be traveling to the next town for a wedding or other related events. For some reason, especially if it is work-related, you bring your laptop along. You may as well be one of those guys that work remotely, and hence even when you’re catching some moments with friends on an outing, you still need to come along with your PC as you never can tell when an urgent email may come in.

Now, you unpack your bag only to find out that you have left the laptop charger at home. There’s not much power left on the laptop and you seriously need to work right now. An important email has just come in. The boss is waiting for your well-crafted response. And there is no way you can do that regardless of how vital it is that you do it. Now that is a situation you do not want to meet yourself. Fortunately, you are not in it at the moment, but you need to be prepared to counter such occurrences that can actually happen to anyone. That is why this post is a very valuable one.

You can actually charge your laptop for as long as you need to even when you do not have the charger with you. What is more, this is not necessarily a hard thing to do. However, without the knowledge of it, of course, you just wouldn’t have an idea of what to do.

There are a couple of ways to charge your PC without the charger. In this post, we will discuss three ways to charge your laptop when you cannot reach the laptop charger.

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How to charge a laptop without a charger

One of the characteristics that differentiate laptops from desktop computers is the availability of inbuilt or removable batteries. Every laptop has one. This battery is charged by connecting the charger to the power source and plugging it into the laptop’s charging port. Without this charger, ideally, there is no way an average user can charge the laptop’s battery. However, there are ways. You just need to find a power source, a working charging port on the laptop, and a way to connect the power source to the laptop. Onto the question that usually lingers on gadget users’ minds.

Can you charge a laptop with a USB?

As a gadget user, it is your understanding that most gadget devices out there can connect to a power source through a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable. And so often, we have come across users sling if they can charge their laptops using the USB cable as they do with their smartphones. The answer is simple but not direct. This is because, at the press time, there are three USB port types out there namely Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C. One thing to know is that USB Type A is a non-starter.

Wondering what USB Type-A is?

As a computer user, you have probably used a wired mouse or keyboard before. The rectangular port at the end of the cable. Through which you connect the device to the computer USB female port is known as the USB Type-A connector or port. This is the most common USB connector, and it is what comes to our minds whenever we hear someone says “USB”. Most likely, your cell phone charger has a USB Type-A connection, too. However, while you can use USB Type A to charge your smart devices, the same cannot be said when it comes to charging your laptop.


USB Type-A port can only transfer a little amount of power, not enough to charge a laptop battery. Although it can exchange a good amount of data across devices. A laptop ideally requires a minimum of 12 volts to charge its battery. That is not something you can get through a USB Type-A port.

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USB Type-C is an incredible full package

Thankfully, the introduction of ISB 3.1 gave birth to a new kind of USB connection port called USB Type C, or “USB-C.” Unlike the Type A described earlier, the USB Type C has more of an oval shape. It is designed for high-wattage connectivity. Which means it can transfer far more power than Type A can, enough to power and charge a laptop battery, and at faster speeds. Things are more interesting with the USB4 as its accompanying USB Type-C can transfer data at speeds up to 40 Gbit/s. That is twice what USB3.1 offers.

How to charge a laptop with a USB

By now, you are aware of the prowess of the USB Type C connector. And how its ability to transfer higher power voltage and wattage gives it the ability to power a laptop. The tools needed are a USB Type C female port on the laptop and a power adapter that can be connected to a power outlet. If your laptop does not have an inbuilt Type C female port. You can order an external Type C female port device online or ask if any of those around you has it.

Another thing to strongly take note of is the minimum voltage and wattage output of the adapter plug you are connecting the USB Type C cable to. Ensure that it is not higher than the expected power input of the laptop. You are charging or it may cause damage to the power section of the laptop motherboard. This should not be a problem anyways, as some laptops use a USB-C cable as the primary charger.

To charge your laptop via USB-C, follow the steps below.

  • Plug one end of the USB Type C cord into a direct power outlet (or power adapter).
  • Plug the other end of the USB Type C cord into your laptop.
  • Switch on the power control on the power source socket.

And that is it! In as much as your laptop has a Type C port, and you are able to get your hand on the cord itself. You do not have to worry about forgetting your laptop charger to charge it. However, in the event that you do not have the cord or your laptop does not support the USB Type C. You may have to just order a new charger online. You can easily order anything and get it delivered to your doorstep nowadays.

Additionally, if you are looking to buy a new laptop, you might seriously consider getting one that has at least one USB Type C port. The USB Type C connector is fast becoming popular nowadays. So, we can assume that most laptops to come in the future will come with USB Type C port. And we might even see the elimination of USB Type A altogether. The point here is, that more people in the future are likely to have USB Type C cables, so there will be a better chance. That someone can lend you one if you forget your laptop charger and need to charge the computer using a USB cord.

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How to charge your laptop in a car

Fortunately for us, cars and other vehicles have to use electricity and hence, supply some for external usage. Already, you have probably charged your smartphone using a power outlet in a car before, or seen someone do that. So this is not entirely new. The addition though is that just as you can charge your gadgets such as smartphones, headsets, and power banks in a car, you can as well charge your laptop in it. The process involved is fairly straightforward.

Just like charging your laptop with a USB cord, there are a few things you need if you are looking to charge it in a car too. The first is an AC Adapter (USB Type-A connector on one end and USB-C connector on the other end). This USB Type A to USB-C adapter is perfect for use in a vehicle. The second tool is a USB car charger. Once you have the two, simply follow the steps given below to charge the laptop.

  • Turn on the car engine
  • Plug the car charger into the car’s charging port (you might not even need a car charger since many newer vehicles have USB ports you can plug into)
  • Plug the USB-C connector into your laptop

That is it. Simply effortless and straightforward.

Departing Thoughts

We believe by now, you know how you can charge your laptop even when you forget to go along with the charger. Both of the methods given above work pretty well. We hope you found this helpful. Take your time to check through our other posts.

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