Google Pixel 2 Real Machine – Spy Released

Google Pixel 2 Real Machine – Spy Released

Spy leak Google Pixel 2

I am sure that we all are really excited about a hands-on experience on the Google Pixel 2 lineup. In the last few months, we saw some leaks about the Google Pixel 2 & today’s spy release of the Google Pixel 2 confirms the leak.

Now gathering all the leaks on the Google Pixel 2, it seems that the Google Pixel 2 will come in the month of September as we all know that the Google Pixel 2 is going to the first Android 8.0 smartphone. The spy leak ,clearly show less bezel display but with the same design element from the previous model. The only difference is in the camera lense. The Google Pixel 2 clearly shows a bigger camera lense, which can be Google’s attempt for better camera options.

Compared to the previous model, we will see some extra color added to this. We will see the Google Pixel 2 in 3 color variant i.e Blue, Silver & Black. The spy leak does not gives a clear indication of the Google Pixel for not having the headphone 3.5mm jack as we don’t the spy leak from the bottom section.

Apart from Google Pixel 2, we are also excited to know if the smartphone will compete with iPhone 8 & Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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