Apple To Announce New iPhones In June 2018

Apple To Announce New iPhones In June 2018

According to some new reports Apple will be holding their WWDC 2018 conference in June. The conference will go on from 4th June 2018 to 6th June 2018. In this conference Apple is expected to announce the Apple A12 Processor, new iPhones equipped with that Processor & also the next version of iOS and of course new improvements to the macOS platform will be coming as well. The New iPhones are expected to be designed with a similar design language as the iPhone X. We’ll see Notches & more screen less bezels everywhere & we’re not expecting iPhone 8 series-like design recreation again.

FaceID shall also remain & we’re not sure if Apple will bring back TouchID alongside or not. But, looking at Apple’s track records from the past, we don’t think they’ll bring back TouchID. Headphone Jack, you should forget about that.

Talking about performance, as the Snapdragon 845 benchmarks are going really close to the A11 Bionic, the A12 shall bring more power on board. We’re expecting about 20%-30% bump in raw CPU power.

All of this will definitely come with a super high price tag & the top end model may even cross the price tag of iPhone X so, if you’re planning to pick that model up, you probably should keep your wallet ready.


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